Term 3

On Monday the first of August, the grade 5 and 6’s went to Montmorency Secondary College to watch their first official dress rehearsal ir annual school production. There were other schools there, but the theatre was big enough. There were a lot of singing but most of it were singing that you would expect in a musical. The props were really creative as it turned to match different scenes. The production was performed by students and it was based on a 1960 movie Happy Days. The costume were very weird and old fashioned. The storyline of Happy Days was about s restaurant “Arlnolds” that was closed to shutting down. But the people in the town helped to raise money so that the restaurant remained open. They organised a lot of fundraisers and at last managed to save Arnold’s as they all considered it as a significant landmark. There were a couple of mistakes but overall, since it’s their first rehearsal, it was alright. There were 3 main characters: Richard, Pinky and Fonzie.  Overall I rate the show a 7/10!