Hey guys, here’s a quick book review about a book that I recently read!

Twilight by Stephenie Meyers!

You guys might have seen the movie Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. If you have, well you know what it’s all about! The twilight series is about a girl named Isabella Swans, she moved to Washington to spend some time with her dad, Charlie. When Bella attends her new school, Forks High School, this is where everything begins. Bella falls in love with a boy named Edward Cullen. There was rumours that the Cullens were very strange and doesn’t like to talk to strangers. Soon Bella found out Edwards secret. As danger approaches towards those two, they had no idea danger and maybe death would come before they were prepared. Could Edward and Bella be ready when danger comes? Read this exciting and thrilling but romantic book to find out more! If you like it there’s more, Stephenie Meyers also wrote three more books after Twilight was published in 2006. The story gets more exciting followed in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Star Rating – 4.5 stars


Get to know me better!

Here is a Q&A post for you to know me better!

Fave Colours: Black, Turquoise, Silver & Purple

Fave Animals: snow leopard and any type of furry, fluffy, white cats or animals.

Fave Movie: Jurassic World

Fave Book: Twilight series

Fave Food: cheesecake, cup cakes and lollies (I know I eat junk) 😂😂

Hobbies: Dancing is my favourite thing to do ALL THE TIME! I also like basketball and shopping! 💟👯🏀🛍

Fave Subject at school: English – writing!👌🏻

Fave dance move: A cartwheel or the splits!👯

Thats all for now! If you guys want to know more about me, please comment down bellow!


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