The Olympics is a world wide and internation sporting competition.

The whole world notice and pays attention.

The athletes are brave and strong but also nervous and anxious.

As they step onto the sporting field, they know this is the moment where they get to shine like diamonds or flopl with embarrasment.

They all give it their hardest and toughest attempts, whether they succeed or fail.

Athletes make it seem easy and uncomplicated when its their time to glow, but behid the scenes, they train diligint and industrious to get the spectacular and marvelous results.

Its between winning and losing.

As the stadium bellows with cheer and applause, the winning team smiles with pride and honour.

While the losing team fills with disappointment and anger.

No matter if you lose or win, always remember that you gaved it your most and best tries, and even though you mightn’t have won, there’s always next year (or 4)!