Lit Circles

Hey Guys, if you’re in my group, which is “Stanley Carrots”, remember to bring your little book and your book to school if you wish to take it home. Otherwise do your reading at school, we want to be a really organised group, so make sure you complete your reading and task at a high standard. We have to read up to page 66, incase you forgot. Ask for more information on page numbers and your jobs etc. Make sure you complete your reading.


– Seli XX 🙂 🙂




Hey guys,

If you’re in my Lit Circles group, just a quick reminder that you need to be updated with your reading. We still haven’t figured out the pages to read up to! If you know, please comment below and I’ll post it!

Hopefully we all know what job we have. Reminder: Charli is discussion director!

I think we have a meeting on Tuesday the 23’rd of August which is tommorow if you read my post today. In that case I won’t be able to make it. So anyone can just do my job as I have Production Practise all day.

— Selina xx

Ps. Have Fun!