In 1973, the voting age in Australia was lowed to 18. That meant people that was 18 or older were allowed to vote for who should be prime minister. Before 1973 the voting age was 21, the goverment decided to lower the age down to 18. I think the reason they lowed the age to 18 was because once you were 18, you become an adult. I definitely think that 18 is the right age for Australian citizens to vote. I think the voting age for Australia should remain 18 as it is the age when teenagers transform into adult leaglly. Many age restriction is 18 and it would be a lot easier if the goverment leave the voting age as 18. Things such as marriage and alcohol and even some movie restrictions are 18! The previous voting age (21), I think it was a bit too old, afterall 18 is a more reasonable age for voting.