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Run that town – homework


A new app called Run That Town has been played in class over the last few weeks. You get to be in charge of your town for 10 game years. Residents will request things to build around the town such as Cafes, hospitals, shopping centre etc. To help you make a decision, you can  ask some local residents about their opinion. Run that town also provide real census informations about your town. The census information includes info such as the population of your town, gender, age etc. When you ask for residents advice and opinion, down below it says their personal information. For example if you are building a luxury apartment, the person who give you positive advice will be a high income earner.


In in my town, my popularity is as you can see 61%. The rating is based on what local residents say. Most of the things you build will be published on the newspaper. Some of your ideas may be good to the town but others may not be. Depending on that, you are constantly increasing popularity or decreasing popularity.

In you haven’t already downloaded Run that Town, do it now! It is a great game to play during school and helps you learn about politics and how our town work.