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Get to know me better!

Here is a Q&A post for you to know me better!

Fave Colours: Black, Turquoise, Silver & Purple

Fave Animals: snow leopard and any type of furry, fluffy, white cats or animals.

Fave Movie: Jurassic World

Fave Book: Twilight series

Fave Food: cheesecake, cup cakes and lollies (I know I eat junk) 😂😂

Hobbies: Dancing is my favourite thing to do ALL THE TIME! I also like basketball and shopping! 💟👯🏀🛍

Fave Subject at school: English – writing!👌🏻

Fave dance move: A cartwheel or the splits!👯

Thats all for now! If you guys want to know more about me, please comment down bellow!