On the 27th of October, my class and 5O went on an excursion to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) for our term 4 focus on Space in intergrated curriculum or inquiry learning.

Our class wore Space overalls and we were split into 2 groups, I was in the same group as Mal and we were in Mission Control, meaning we control and communicate with the other part of our class who were up in the Space Centre in Mars. Mal and I controlled the Water System. We were allowed to text to communicate with the other half of the class on mars.

Then we swapped over. Mal and I were the only group that had a head set meaning we could speak with the mission controllers. Our experiment was about Mars Rocks, I learnt that Mars Rocks doesn’t have a fusion crust, it is light for its size and it doesn’t contain iron meaning it isn’t magnetic. A meteorite is the exact opposite of a mars rock.

Afterwards, we swapped over with 5O, we learnt about electricity with Hannah, we had to rub a balloon on our head and see the electricity conducted. We also used electric wands to blow up a piece of foil paper. My piece of foil ended up stuck on the speaker. During the second session, we made dancing robots, creating an electric circuit. My robot did circles on the dance floor. It had 4 feathers sticking out.

I had a great day overall, I learnt a lot about Space and Mars!




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