Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio Olympics are finally here after the 2012 Olympics. This years Olympic is held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for the first time in Olympics history to be held in South America. The Olympics first started in Greece nearly 3000 years ago, but it was officially held in 1894. The Olympics were held to celebrate a Greek festival every four year, it is held in the religious sanctuary in Olympia, a rich land surrounded by olive trees. The ancient Olympics were initially organised as part of a religious festival (as I said before) to honour the leader of Greek gods, Zeus. In 392 AD, the Olympics were banned until 1500 years later.

After the Olympics were banned, it restarted 1896 by Pierre de Coubertin. He was a French educator and historian, his believes were that coming together to play sport would encourage peace amongst work countries. It was first started in Athen Greece. As the Olympics were first started in Greece, at every opening ceremony in every Olympics game, the Greeks are always first to enter. Pierre also designed the Olympics Ring, at least one of the colours on the ring is in every single countries’ flag. It also represents the different continents. Now the modern Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world.

During the ancient Olympics, only men who spoke Greek were allowed to participate. The sports in the ancient Olympics were very little, they included some sort of athletics and no team sports whatsoever, as it was only introduced at the start of the modern Olympics. There could only be one winner in the Olympics, he received a wreath of olive as a prize and a statue built in his honour. The olive leaves were taken from the sacred Olympia, and the olive trees near the temple of Greek god, Zeus.

Women weren’t allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics, however a seperate event were created for the women called Heraia, dedicated to Zeus’ wife. Married women weren’t allowed to attend the Olympic Games. Nowadays women are allowed to participate in modern Olympics as the IOC believed in gender equality, they are allowed to participate in all events that men are.

As a tradition of the modern Olympics, an Olympic torch is lit in Olympia. The flame is passed on from torch to torch until in reaches the host city. During the opening ceremony, the flame from the torch is lit, used as a cauldron at the stadium of the host city to represent the start of the game and peace between countries. The cauldron stays alight until the game finishes.

For more information on the Olympics game see the video below.


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