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Onomatopeai Poem

Boom! The gymnast landed her double layout of the vault.

WOW! The crowd bellowed with applause.

She landed gracefully after her triple front aerial with a thud.

Boink! She bounced up from the floor, as light as feather.

Bang! The gymnast jumped of the beam and landed swiftly, without a wobble.

Olympics – Swimming

Swimming has always been one of Australia’s strongest sports in the Olympics. We have won a lot of medals in the past, it is a popular sport in the olympics, as there are all kinds. 37 of the Australian athletes are competing for swimming in the 2016 olympic games. We have won a lot of medals in swimming including 3 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze. Athletes compete in all sorts of events including freestly, backstroke, butterfly, relays etc. This year, Mack Horton won us a gold in the 400 metre men’s freestlye and Kyle Chalmers in the men’s 100 metre freestlye, won gold medal as well. The women 4x100m freestyle relay team featuring the Campbell sisters (Cate and Bronte Campbell), Emma Mckeon and Madison Wilson. They also set a new world record! Emma Mckeon competed in more than 4 swimming competitions and won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

We have won a lot of medals in the past in swimming. In 2012 we scored 10 medals in swimming including one in the women 4×100 metre freestyle relay. In 2008, we only scored 2 silver medals and a couple of bronze in swimming. This year, we were of to a good start as we were top on the medal telly followed by Hungary. On the first day of the Rio Olympics, we scored 2 gold medals in swimming, it was by Mack Horton and the women 4×100 metre freestlye. However we are of to a good start, even though we are placed 7th, its still in the top 10!