On the 27th of October, my class and 5O went on an excursion to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) for our term 4 focus on Space in intergrated curriculum or inquiry learning.

Our class wore Space overalls and we were split into 2 groups, I was in the same group as Mal and we were in Mission Control, meaning we control and communicate with the other part of our class who were up in the Space Centre in Mars. Mal and I controlled the Water System. We were allowed to text to communicate with the other half of the class on mars.

Then we swapped over. Mal and I were the only group that had a head set meaning we could speak with the mission controllers. Our experiment was about Mars Rocks, I learnt that Mars Rocks doesn’t have a fusion crust, it is light for its size and it doesn’t contain iron meaning it isn’t magnetic. A meteorite is the exact opposite of a mars rock.

Afterwards, we swapped over with 5O, we learnt about electricity with Hannah, we had to rub a balloon on our head and see the electricity conducted. We also used electric wands to blow up a piece of foil paper. My piece of foil ended up stuck on the speaker. During the second session, we made dancing robots, creating an electric circuit. My robot did circles on the dance floor. It had 4 feathers sticking out.

I had a great day overall, I learnt a lot about Space and Mars!




Interschool Sports Fixture for Summer

Hey guys, here is the sports fixture from this Friday to the finals which are held on the 2nd of December. Sports is always on a Friday, remember to bring spare change of clothes paritcularly Cricket and Basketball. It is not allowed to stay in your sports uniforms as it is not part of proper school uniforms. Wear your interschool sports tops and bring your hat for summer sports and a drink bottle. Remember to show good sportsmanships and leadership skills. Have Fun!! 

Round Ten – 28th October


Round Ten – 28th October
Laurimar A v Hurstbridge Plenty Valley B v Bye
Yarrambat v Glen Katherine A Glen Katherine B v Sacred Heart
Apollo A v Diamond Creek East Diamond Creek v Apollo B
Plenty Valley v Greenhills Green Parkways v Laurimar B
Round Eleven – 4th November Round Eleven – 4th November
Glen Katherine A v Plenty Valley Diamond Creek v Bye
 Hurstbridge v Diamond Creek East Apollo B v Sacred Heart
Yarrambat v Apollo A Plenty Valley B v Green Parkways
Greenhills v Laurimar A Laurimar B v Glen Katherine B
Round Twelve – 11th November

GK @ State Orienteering

Round Twelve– 11th November

GK @ State Orienteering

Hurstbridge v Greenhills Sacred Heart v Bye
Apollo A v Glen Katherine A Laurimar B v Plenty Valley B
Yarrambat v Diamond Creek East Green Parkways v Diamond Creek
Plenty Valley  v Laurimar A Glen Katherine B v Apollo B
 Round Thirteen– 18th November

HPV Laurimar & Diamond Creek

Round Thirteen– 18th November

HPV Laurimar & Diamond Creek

Plenty Valley v Apollo A Glen Katherine B v Bye
Glen Katherine A v Greenhills Plenty Valley B v Sacred Heart
Diamond Creek East v Laurimar A Apollo B v Green Parkways
Yarrambat v Hurstbridge Diamond Creek v Laurimar B
Round Fourteen  – 25th November


Round Fourteen – 25th November
Laurimar A v Apollo A  Laurimar B v Bye
Greenhills v Yarrambat  Apollo B v Plenty Valley B
Glen Katherine A v Diamond Creek East  Sacred Heart v Green Parkways
Hurstbridge v Plenty Valley Diamond Creek v Glen Katherine B
Round Fifteen  –2nd December


Round Fifteen- 2nd December


If you are featured in Finals, remember that it is on the 2nd of December.

Sports Teams

Apollo Comets – Apollo A’s

Apollo Rockets – Apollo B’s 

Apollo Meteors – Green Parkways


Hey guys, this is my first quiz, please enjoy love you all!!! xx

Take this quiz to see how well you know me, Selina!

    1. What is my favourite colour?

Hot Pink

    1. What is my favourite sport?


    1. What footy team do I go for?


    1. What type of dancing have I done before?

Jazz, Ballet
Hip Hop, Tap
Ballet, Tap, Jazz
Contempoary, Ballet, Jazz

    1. What is my nickname


    1. What is my fave song right now?

Closer by the Chainsmokers
The Ocean
In the name of Love
Shoutout to my ex

    1. Who is my fave celebrity?

Justin Bieber
Arianna Grande
Jacob Sartorius
Maddie Ziegler

    1. How many pets do I have/want and what are their names?

Puppy – Cupcakes – WANT
Kitten – Snowflakes – WANT
Guinea Pig – Sprinkles – WANT

    1. What is my fave EMOJI

Face blowing KISS
Face with funny tears
2 hearts with swirl
Swag face

    1. What is ma fave TV

The next Step
X Factor

If you get more than 8 answers correct you know me pretty well. If you get all correct, you’re probably one of my baes!

– Seli xx


Just a quick reminder that there will be no school on Monday the 31st of October and Tuesday 1st of November. The reason being, Monday is report writing day for the teachers and Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day!!! SO ENJOY THE LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

– SELINA ^_^

Passion 4 Fashion



This is the perfect top for a casual day, the grey top outline how amazing you look with the quote “There’s no way you woke up like that” meaning you’re super cute and stylish all the time. The colour of the top suits the colour of the text, a cool grey always goes with anything. The top is chic and definitely matches the denim shorts. The denim shorts really suit the casual and trendy top, completing the outfit to a high standard. The rips in the shorts are just right, designers didn’t go too overboard with rips, a couple completed the outfit and looked individual and original. Any outfit like that can’t be completed without luxurious white nails looking like French manicure. The colourful eye catching bracelets were the highlight of the outfit, as the outfit was a darker type, a colourful bracelet made this outfit seem a lot more eye catching. The sandals also matched the outfit perfectly with a dark shade and long straps, overall the outfit was really chic and trendy. Definitely what you would expect on the cover of the next magazines. The whole outfit matched well, the only small problem was the hair, leaving your hair out would be a classy look, but to go further down the individual track and have originality, a messy bun would complete the outfit better than leaving it out.




The wavy blue fading top is definitely an eye catching Part of the outfit. It sort of in a way goes down not completely straight, but in a butterfly shape. I love the way how it fades through the colour blue, starting as dark blue then eventually fading into white. The shorts were also an important part of the outfit, it matched the top well and I liked how they were both blue, that set a theme of the outfit. The black sunnies didn’t exactly complete the outfit, it would’ve been heaps better if it was sunnies with a pattern around its frames, for example leopard print etc. The sandals were great, however it didn’t really suit the entire outfit. It was much more formal and would go better with dresses. This outfit however, is much more casual. I would’ve suggested leopard print thongs which matched to the leopard print sunnies. The necklace did not match at all! It was way too much for the top, the necklace was too heavy and way too formal. It didn’t match the outfit at all, it was way too big and it would cover the entire top. The top is suppose to be the highlight of the outifit. I would’ve suggested a necklace with a little charm on the end and a thin strap around the neck. A black zig zag choker would also complete the look.




This outfit is the perfect outfit, it isn’t too formal or too casual. You could use this for different events and totally rock it. The magenta skirt/dress was perfect, it wasn’t too short or too long. It was definitely eye catching and seemed kind of sassy. The white top inside was chosen perfectly, it wasn’t the highlight of the outfit and the designer decided to go with something plain and original. Sometimes we need a bit of plain in our life. The leather looking jacket completed the outfit, it was very stylish but also amazing for a formal event. I love how her hair is left down and it is wavy. The black leather bag matched with the leather jumper making it a stylish but not too dressy outfit!

Run that town – homework


A new app called Run That Town has been played in class over the last few weeks. You get to be in charge of your town for 10 game years. Residents will request things to build around the town such as Cafes, hospitals, shopping centre etc. To help you make a decision, you can  ask some local residents about their opinion. Run that town also provide real census informations about your town. The census information includes info such as the population of your town, gender, age etc. When you ask for residents advice and opinion, down below it says their personal information. For example if you are building a luxury apartment, the person who give you positive advice will be a high income earner.


In in my town, my popularity is as you can see 61%. The rating is based on what local residents say. Most of the things you build will be published on the newspaper. Some of your ideas may be good to the town but others may not be. Depending on that, you are constantly increasing popularity or decreasing popularity.

In you haven’t already downloaded Run that Town, do it now! It is a great game to play during school and helps you learn about politics and how our town work.

Onomatopeai Poem

Boom! The gymnast landed her double layout of the vault.

WOW! The crowd bellowed with applause.

She landed gracefully after her triple front aerial with a thud.

Boink! She bounced up from the floor, as light as feather.

Bang! The gymnast jumped of the beam and landed swiftly, without a wobble.

Olympics – Swimming

Swimming has always been one of Australia’s strongest sports in the Olympics. We have won a lot of medals in the past, it is a popular sport in the olympics, as there are all kinds. 37 of the Australian athletes are competing for swimming in the 2016 olympic games. We have won a lot of medals in swimming including 3 gold medals, 4 silver and 3 bronze. Athletes compete in all sorts of events including freestly, backstroke, butterfly, relays etc. This year, Mack Horton won us a gold in the 400 metre men’s freestlye and Kyle Chalmers in the men’s 100 metre freestlye, won gold medal as well. The women 4x100m freestyle relay team featuring the Campbell sisters (Cate and Bronte Campbell), Emma Mckeon and Madison Wilson. They also set a new world record! Emma Mckeon competed in more than 4 swimming competitions and won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

We have won a lot of medals in the past in swimming. In 2012 we scored 10 medals in swimming including one in the women 4×100 metre freestyle relay. In 2008, we only scored 2 silver medals and a couple of bronze in swimming. This year, we were of to a good start as we were top on the medal telly followed by Hungary. On the first day of the Rio Olympics, we scored 2 gold medals in swimming, it was by Mack Horton and the women 4×100 metre freestlye. However we are of to a good start, even though we are placed 7th, its still in the top 10!

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